1045 P + Į neopoints me n the girls walkin into target headed straight to the clearance bread rack jerryterry WONDEP WONDEM WHITE Seas WONDER WONDERWOND WierE WOND WONDER WOND WHINLASAC scotchtapeofficial jerrod how long did it take you to photoshop all that bread jerryterry Did it the lazy easy way DER WONDER EWHOU GRAIN WONDE WHOLE GRAN WHITE WONDEP WHOL GRAIN WHITE WONDE EWHOU GRAN WHITE ONDER HOLE GRAIN WHITE WHITE ONDER WOND WONDER TWHOU GRAN WONDER WONDER WONDER WONDER WONDER WONDERONDER EWHOLU GRAIN WHOU GRAIN WHITE WHITE WHOU GRAN WHITE WHOLE GRAIN HITE HOLE GRA WHITE WONDER WONDER WONDER NIE WONDER WONDER LASSIC WHITE WONDERLASSIC WHIT CUSTIC WHITE OLASSIC H CASSw WONDER ASSIC WHITE WONDER WONDER WONDER WONDER WONDER WONDER WONDERwO GASSIC WHITE LASSIC VWHITEASSIC WHITLASSIC WHITE JASSIC WHITEWOND CLASsSIC W JASSIC H WONCE New WONDE WONDE CAK WONDE WONDEN WONDEHWON CA W WONDER WHOLU O WONDEM WHITE WiHTE WONDER WONDER WONDE WOL HAN SWwi WHITE Wiert WONDERNOND WONDER WONDER WONDn WONGE ASSIC WHIE LAS K W ASIC W& WONDL WONDE Seas It may be less than stellar but I have a strict personal rule “don't put longer than 30 minutes' effort into a fetish joke The second you hit 3001 the exposure becomes lethal and the fetish becomes unironic creamchis FETISH????????? mia7437 god i wish i were you dust-princess Whitch part is the fetish? Bread or Pokémon? supermunchor I'm so sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but it's the bread miraculouswritings WHAT DO YOU MEANITS THE BREAD evietherogue I deadass just saw a YouTube vid about this Why is my dash so fucking cursed? For those wondering it is in reference to some dude on DeviantArt called Murrlogic1 or something similar who has a fetish for wonder bread busty blonde and redheaded women chainsaws and the destruction of the environ- ment Apparently he requests some fucked up shit because Shadman once turned down his commission If memory serves he tried to com- mission some KorraAsami don't watch the show pulling from my semi-unreliable memory of names abuse porn with a focus on Korra having a limp dick or something similar and Shadman said no I literally watched that video like an hour ago so this is all just from memory but I can dig up a link if anyone wants that rubegoldbergsaciddreams i recently came across the reason why he has this fetish and it's so cursed like i can't even believe how cursed it is woman-respecter well now u gotta tell us buddy rubegoldbergsaciddreams Okay but like an NPC warning you that no really you won't be able to turn back past this point I require a second confirmation that you truly want this knowledge For it is cursed woman-respecter yeah i do i need Knowledge rubegoldbergsaciddreams @woman-respecter very well! The curse is now yours to contend with original tweet is gone so here screenshots i found bupy noodle cherisher @Syasht V i found wonder bread guy and he's been recently active i i cannot i'm beyond words i felt like these needed to be appreciated they cannot go unseen they're art Apr 28 2019 Hobbyist General Artist Are you the wonder bread fetish guy I keep reading tumblr posts about? Reply Apr 28 2019 That would be I why? Reply pr 28 2019 Hobbyist General Artist No particular reason I was just curious Is it really a sexual thing for you? I honestly can't see it inciting that sort of reaction Reply Apr 28 2019 I fucking love Wonder Bread and not even just Wonder Bread specifically I love 15 IEItally a tauai liilny Iui yuu Tihuitauy can't see it inciting that sort of reaction Reply Apr 28 2019 I fucking love Wonder Bread and not even just Wonder Bread specifically I love all forms of White Bread Sunbeam Sara Lee Bimbo I even had a comic that was under production where I tried to draw different forms of bread as waifus because if anime can make literal cells in your body and ships into waifu's then this concept shouldn't feel any less anime then what anime normally creates for western enthusiasts of anime to enjoy But in all seriousness I love Wonder Bread I could eat an entire loạf if I felt like it just to get that plush pillowy softness of it in my mouth Wonder Bread is my favorite bread out of all other variants of bread and that includes multiple variations of different arguably healthier white breads because nothing about it tastes like real bread There is zero nutritional value in it its like Hostess one day woke up and said What if we were to make a bread that is literally just Palm Oil Sugar and Corn Syrup Literally all the worst things you could ever put in Bread all while straight up fucking lying to your consumers that you're selling them bread and its even better considering for YEARS Wonder and Hostess have been bullshitting you the consumer that Wonder Bread is HEALTHY Have you not seen Wonder Bread commercials from the 1950's where they say Wonder Bread has so much vitamin within it that it strongly encourages you to consume copious amounts of it which will lead to zero negative repercussions? They said you literally become Jesus just by eating it and what's fucking hysterical is PEOPLE BELIEVED THIS! EVERY FUCKING WORD! Reply Jan 22 2019 ok i'll ask What's with you and wonder bread? Reply Jan 22 2019 Its a parallel on how normally society identifies negative stereotypes but they only ever stereotype it in a certain way that fits their narrative Lemee explain it like this How often do you watch Cartoons or Animation of any variety where they decide to do an episode where the theme of the episode is about spreading either an environmental message or they create a character for the sole purpose of helping to spread an environmental message When people animatorswriters whatever feel the need to make plots like this their archetype of choice on how they write the episode is Lets draw a White Tall Shady looking sometimes fat really depends upon how cartoonish the show in question is Billionaire 1-Dimensional Character who doesn't care or think about the long term consequences for his actions because as long as it continues to make money he doesn't give a shit They have been making this one type of character in the industry for YEARS! I am so sick of seeing characters like this not because its a bad character type but because its demonized to where people start to think Man why would they ever draw a female equivalent to a character like this it just doesn't exist And yeah its hard how in the real world you need to really think about if such a character like this could ever exist in the real world which is probably why its so easy to make a character like they have been making for what feels like forever now in the Cartoon world because that one character can represent either one type of person that fits that narrative or a whole group of people that could fit that narrative I'm just saying we live in a world where a female equivalent of this character I am describing is very rarely seen so I wanted to bring more attention to this fact by making more of them In the industry I can name every example of what I am describing maybe off of one hand Dr Blight from Captain Planet Gladys Sharp from Over the Hedge Eboshi from Princess Mononoke Man I got to give PBS props for introducing what I am talking about right now in their show Wild Kratts with their newest Eco Villain Paisley Paver whose gimmick is she wants to see the world completely paved and tar and every forest on the planet be made into toothpicks This show has now hit the spiritual successor mark to Ted Turner's Captain Planet becuase Paisley is now the modern Dr Blight Reply Jan 22 2019 ok that's cool and all but that doesn't explain the wonder bread pics Reply Jan 22 2019 Wonder Bread is a euphamism for how I remembered the texture of my Ex-GF's tits Reply i rather not speak of BREADMAN Meme

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