1045 PM 28% D Ooo Sprint F Too K Notes Sounwave @SolunwaveTDE But what if told you that's not the official version 41317 738 PM 3238 RETWEETS 4155 LIKES Sounwave a SounwaveTDE 4114 17 1045 PM 28% Ooo Sprint F Notes sounwave is a producer at TDE sounwave said this is not the official version because kendrick is dropping another album on Sunday -the morpheus picture is the red pillblue pill connection DAMN is the red pill the red title the red brick wall there will be another album dropped the blue pill -the second album will be called NATION the title will be blue at the end of BLOOD the first song on DAMN kendrick 'dies' listen for the gunshot there might also be a bloods crips connection here with the red blue -the album officially dropped on friday eastern time -kendrick is very religious iesus died on good friday kendrick will resurrect on Sunday EASTER with the release of NATION DAMNATION more connections 1045 PM ooooo Sprint 28% K Notes more connections -on the heart part 4 my next album the whole industry be on the ice pack with -on HUMBLE my left stroke just went viral right stroke put lil baby in a spiral left stroke- DAMN right stroke- NATION -the brick wall on kendricks spotify picture is blue on DAMN its red -on the cover for DAMN the M hangs above kendricks head like devil horns the O in NATION will be above his head like an angel halo -the two albums combine to make DAMNATION disclaimer i did not figure out all of this myself only some of it dam nation noun 1 1 in Christian belief condemnation to eternal punishment in hell what in DAMNATION httpstcop8DWTlQmxc Meme

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