1046 AM 7 55% l Boost Photo lynnphina some people machines they give you what you think you want but not what you think you need- and you never really will- we throw our hearts away begging for some sort of monetary value we place in a person not ever recognizing that the true things love shouldn't have a price-tag people are not prizes that you should be able to buy but like claw machines some people will latch on to your person and take things from you that you will never get back you waste your time on people you never liked just to feel something in exchange and you keep back and ask yourself what you actually deserve because of the cyclical self- destructive feeling you contain feeding the idea that you need something that determines every being- loneliness and consistency it's a cycle these claw machines until we die or maybe realize our worth but most of us never do we all know the cycle we all know the claw machines we all waste our time but when do are exactly like claw we need are what we already have on never do you step we waste our lives in a cycle recycling C we sit back and ask ourselves what we're really searching for and if it's worth our time wasting it waiting for the wrong people to give us monetary value? when will we finally realize that we are worth more than to settle for less? I used to go to high school with this chick and she was known for writing fake deep bullshit like this Meme

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