1048 am T 94% oooo Tele2 K Messages Michael Details How many tampons do you need There's a pack with 100 tampons Will you need that many Holy shit there's packages with even more Just get a normal one with 20 or something Don't you need more There's a lot of blood I know how much blood there is I've been having my period for a while now Delivered Oh right Message oooo Tele2 537 pm T o 91% K Messages cal Q Details They're in the same place as the toothpastes and that stuff Right Oh Someone just looked at me funny What do I do Nothing??? Just buy the tampons and get home already He's got a real smug face what's he thinking HES THINKING THAT YOURE BUYING TAMPONS JUST BUY THEM ALREADY Delivered i Message 143 pm T o 93% o Tele2 K Messages Ash Details I'm here what do l get It doesn't matter just get one in like a mini-size Okay omg there are so many Like SO MANY know How many different versions does a woman need Every vagina is different don't discriminate Delivered I'm not it's just SO MANY i Message 810 pm To 93% o Tele2 K Messages Luke Details Why are tampons so expensive 'll pay you back later just No mean like You don't get to choose to have your period You have to have it And you have to pay so much for it Yesss I know but you don't have time for preaching right now Delivered Sorry It's really unfair Message Guys buying their girlfriends tampons 😂 httpstcodu2FeVSBbA Meme

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