10 BASIC FACTS OF GEMINI 1They super sweet like Libra or crazy as hell like Aquarius no in-between 2 HATES mornings so muchthey late to everything in the morning 3 Least chill out of the air signs but yeah everyone knows that 4 Most likely to love healthy food 5 Happiest drunks out of the zodiac if you every wanna laugh ur ass off hangout with drunk Gemini 6 They really hate sarcasm cause they can't tell the difference best way to Fuck with them 7 Most likely to overuse emojis 8 Loves horror movies they just zone out also with any movie they zone out 9 Some reason hates pictures usually flips off the camera except selfies they love those 104 worst sailor mouth out of the Zodiac GEMINI WRLD Meme

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