10 Incredible PA AA Health Benefits of EIV! Heart Health Herperidin's in oranges help lower blood pressure and folate protects against cardiovascular disease Immune Support High vitamin content helps to steer away nasty bugs bacteria & viruses Prevents coldsflus &ear infections Digestive Health Vitamin Chelps prevent ulcers and fibre ensures a healthy colon Alkalizing Rich in alkaline minerals to help balance body ph Cholesterol-Lowerin Contain limonin which helps reduce LDL or bad cholesterol Healthy Skin Contain essential vitamins & minerals for beautiful problem-free skin Kidney Support Help prevent kidney stones & efficient filtering of toxins Anti-Inflammatory Oranges help prevent free radical damage which normally triggers the inflammatory coscade Anti-Cancer Studies have shown cancer-risk reductions in over 40-50% of individuals who consumed citrus fruits! Contain potent anti-carcinogens to prevent proliferation of cancerous cells Vision Protection Loaded with carotenoids oranges help prevent night blindness & macular degeneration RT @BeFitMenu Benefits of Oranges 🍊🍊🍊 httpstcoGrRX0TZWFp Meme

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