100% OO C Spire 937 AM couldn't have said it any better even though i'm not with anyone right now when i am i refuse to be with someone i don't trust so have at it girls Instagram OO 935 AM 100% Cancel Comments Taylor Mitchell May 5 at 327pm Girls if you want to talk to my boyfriend Tweet yeah okay q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m 123 CO space C 100% Instagrama ooooo 935 AM Comments Cancel Taylor Mitchell May 5 at 327pm Girls if you want to talk to my boyfriend do it He's a great conversationalist If you haven't heard from him in a while and you wanna ask him how he's doing for old times sake absolutely do it He might miss the shit out of you If you think he's looking great today and you maybe want to tell him do it Everyone loves a confidence boost Hell you could even confess your unspoken undying love for him and I'll encourage you to DO IT Because nobody should have to hold in feelings like that You see I trust him He made a promise to be loyal to me and I'll hold him to that And the thing is if he breaks that promise then I'll take that up with him Not you Because he broke the promise not you I shouldn't have to watch every move he makes around other women or be a part of every conversation he has with another girl If you don't trust your significant other to have friends regardless of their gender then here's a word from the wise get rid of him Like Share Comment 5K 5685 Shares View previous comments Cassidy skipper worth the read httpstcogbFMUyUE89 Meme

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