10h 726 When I was 13 I was playing world of Warcraft and someone asked me my age 13 was so young so l lied and said I was 14 cause that meant I was so much more mature Well I kept playing wow with the same group of people and 4 years later they thought I was 18 Someone started asking me how my applications to college were going since I was that age Being caught in the lie about my age I played along and asked for advice I played along with the advice which resulted in me actually putting in a college application to a university and I got in As a high school junior So to keep up this lie about my age I now had to finish high school quickly so lI could actually go to this university that accepted me Great part is that l was able to do this by overloading my spring semester of Senior year high school with online classes yay Florida online high school I managed to graduate high school a year early and went to university a year early to keep this lie going So here I am at a university 1000miles from my home state finished my BS and am now doing a masters all because 14 sounded way more mature than 13 on a fucking video game Sorry for formatting on my cell phone in the lab I am working in for my masters project lol I'm not from the states but I'm pretty sure Colleges ask for a HS diploma don't they? Meme

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