1105 13 Active Th ago I'm not trying to bug you so I hope I'm not but I was looking at your page and was curious if you would like to be a l think you're product model for me! so beautiful and would be amazed by our products! You would get an AWESOME discount for doing product credit to use towards more! Can I give you some more info?! So and even earn 01292018 1133 AM what company & how much are the products? why can i not buy products directly from the company? It is called it works we set u up and will login and everything then you go be u ur can always see fb in and change ur order do these products have expiration dates? are you required to buy in bulk? what is your main reason for recruitment? 01292018 1151 AM No did you see my third question? What do u mean by that question what is the #1 reason you are messaging people on facebook recruiting them for 'it works'? Aa in college we were discussing how we don’t use FB anymore because showing we’re on the app leaves us open to a messages from creeps or b pyramid schemes my prof didn’t believe us i actually started messaging a girl to show him that indeed the ambiguity is on purpose &amp she’s “recruiting” me Meme

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