1110 AM ll Verizon LTE 39% Aa LORD OF THE FLIES ed the searching his mind for simple words so protes e sub- that even the littluns would understand R what the assembly was about Later per- haps practiced debaters-Jack Maurice anger s who body gethe get dc broug »y the Piggy-would use their whole art to ace of twist the meeting but now at the begin- ning the subject of the debate must be laid out imon alph's clearly We need an assembly Not for fun Not for laughing and falling off those So it v e sun e tri ned to water the log-the group of littluns on the from twister giggled and looked at each other not for making jokes lifted the conch in an effort to find T Piggy oval or for-he I with ssem- the compelling word-for cleverness Not for these things But to put things straight He paused for a moment I've been alone By myself I went SOone faces know flour- then nt as we sa ental And n aid at thinking what's what I know what we need An assembly to put things straight And first of all I'm speaking He paused for a moment and auto- shells stood l eyes heavy H matically pushed back his hair Piggy tiptoed died a roups to the triangle his ineffectual was -74 Page -74 of 18446744073709551615 36% -74 Lord of the flies is a bit longer than I expected Meme

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