1124 AM Yay hehe you added meee 422 PM what's up Hehe I so happy you meee lol How are you? I'm alright hbu I feel relly nervous now Hehe 448 PM why? I'm the least intimidating person lol 807 PM II nvr relly tlk to girls even my ageiI nvr held hands orr hugged orr anythingiI'm relly shy boy I admit especially talking to someone older than me 827 PM that's alright I'm pretty shy too how old are you and what do you actually look like? 844 PM Welll youb r 18 right? yeah Wait when did you turn 18? If I can ask 905 PM February why Just wondering WelllI hope not big deal but im16 then why does your meetme say you're 18 and why are you using fake pics Those aren't fake pics Google if you're gonna catfish try a little harder buddy You can't reply to this conversation Learn More dude entered my meetme livestream and asked for my fb this was the ensuing convo Meme

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