1127 pm ll Optus 4G 9 46% Bit of backstory I'm 28 years old and live in Missouri I work for an armoured truckmoney transportation company with similar but noticeably different attire to Walmart I'm also not sure if this fits into this sub reddit so l'm open to comments Now to the story I've just gotten off work about an hour and a half ago and had to pick up some items for my wife for supper Since I work for an armoured truck company and I transport large amounts of money I am required to carry a handgun in a holster on my right hip But I'm not allowed to unholster it unless someone is in immediate danger I'm in an isle grabbing I think spaghetti and a woman approaches me Excuse me could you te- the woman looked in pure shock after looking at my holster and then scurried off in a panic I figured she just realised I didn't work there and carried on about her day But boy Was I wrong About 5-6 minutes later a bunch of police officers swarm the Walmart Roughly 9 or 10 One was holding a non lethal bean bag shotgun one with a taser and the rest holding handguns They begin shouting at me to drop what I was holding and show them my hands I complied and was put into handcuffs One of the officers explained that a woman had call 911 and reported that I was walking around the Walmart waving a gun around I was shocked at this woman and beginning to see where this was going I explained to the officer I work at - company and I transport large amounts of money so I am required to carry a firearm and I have the permits to do so The police officer then asked me if I unholstered the gun to which I replied no it's been in its holster the entire time The police officers check the security footage and confirm I never un-holstered my firearm In that time they asked the woman why she called 911 when I never un-holstered my weapon She stuck by her claim and said “he was waving it around and your not allowed to have guns in here anyway it's illegal and what if a kid saw it the police officer explained that they looked at the security footage and I never unholstered my gun Then she started ranting about how I still can't have a gun in the store even if I wasn't waving it around The police apologised for the inconvenience and the woman was escorted out of the Walmart in handcuffs Supposedly for misuse of the 911 system and inciting panic TLDR crazy lady gets me put in handcuffs but she The one that leaves in them 1 Share Vote 4 Add a comment Tailor Automatic Screenshot Stitching Always at Walmart Meme

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