1128 75° LTE Replies That is good Hopefully they use it for what its purpose is 2h Like Reply Top Fan you also don't keep petting a rabid dogthe money to help those abandoned people was found to be lining the pockets of several corrupt politicians! So in your logic we should continue to give them more money to rip off their own poor tired & hungry when that money II should be allocated to those here that suffered terrible losses & will actually do the right thing with 43m Like Reply Top Fan AITING FOR PROOF IA-TRUMP COLLU AITING why don't you support President Trump in exposing the corruption if you are so against it? Let me guess as you only see D and R you are fine with corruption as long as a D is associated No suprise in that logic from an alt left liberal extremist Nazi Reply 27m Like GIF Write a reply Comparing Puerto Ricans to dogs corruption savior Trump and inventing a new type of Nazi Meme

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