1133 PM 923Ks Vodafone IN airtel 4G Vo 42% < User Reviews ★ 1010 Best season premiere! Thrones94 April 14 2019 I had the honour of attending the first episode of the last season in Belfast What an experience! You can clearly see that HBO has done everything in their power to make the season feel as grotesque as possible The episode has everything a good Game of Thrones episode should contain tension shock surprises nudity and emotional moments The episode is filled with beautiful and surprising reunions 73 of 86 found this review helpful 910 What a start! staticsc April 14 2019 I was lucky enough to work the European premier in Belfast What a way to start the new season Left me wanting more 41 of 51 found this review helpful 1010 It's awesome samuel-lewis12 April 14 2019 Got a chance to watch this at the premiere in NYC Without giving too much away its awesome loads of emotional character reunions loads shocks and surprises throughout IMDB reviews-Are these legit? Meme

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