1139 PM points 23 hours ago I believe you can't find one reputable source to support your claim I have linked the Wikipedia article about the disease as well as a BBC article You Have Produced Nothing So whos the troll? DONE HIDE ROOT PARENT 2 points 22 hours ago You've produced a link to a BBC article that says a woman claims she has Aquagenic Urtecaria so severe that she'll die if she drinks a cup of water but she lives on Diet Coke 1 Aquagenic urtecaria is a skin condition It is not fatal It does not produce anaphylaxis and calling it an allergy is a misnomer because it is not caused by any of the physiological processes that cause allergic reactions They don't even know what causes it 2 Diet Coke is more than 90% water Orange Juice is almost 90% water Whole milk is almost 90% water Every lungful of air she breathes is about 4% water Every bite of foud she sticks in her gob has water in it Her own shit is 75% water Her blood plasma is an aqueous solution that is 92% water 8% plasma proteins and trace amounts of minerals You can find all of this information for yourself on Google You cannot be allergic to water If you believe this woman's claims which have mostly been covered by The Dail Mail and equally reputable sources then you're a damn fool You probably also believe in Bat Boy Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster all of which have been covered by the BBC Either way I don't care if you want to be willfully stupid and it isn't my job to fix you ya fucking troll Redditor calls out medical hoax Meme

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