1139 T Florencla m sorry l thought I was ready for this but I'm not I haven't been in a good place mentally for a while now and l need to figure this out before I start meeting new people Feel free to unmatch me if you want otherwise I'll probably message you again when I'm feeling ready Sorry for wasting your time Thursday 726 PM Hey! l'm not looking for a boyfriend girlfriend or anything special here l've met some cool people that I call friends as well I enjoy listening to people so if you wanna drink a beer coffee and talk about your problems I'm happy to listenhelp! That's something good about latinamerican people we're friendly and l'm really chill and laid back sometimes it's easier to talk to people you don't know in order to get an impartial opinion or well that's what I think S You didn't waste my time you seem to GIF Type a message I know Im being a pussy but god damn some people on Tinder are just too nice Meme

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