1141 8 hrs Ok this may stir up a hornets nest but I truly don't understand it Why is it when a white person uses that awful N word they are called racist and bigot? But when a black person calls another black person that or uses it in lyrics it's perfectly alright I was getting in my car and the car beside me was blaring rap music and this word was being repeated over and over along with a few other choice words! Would that not be considered racist? To call each other that name would it not be racist towards the other person? Really don't understandone race can't say it but another one can Confusing as all get out! Like Share Comment 8 the first clue being nasty crude rap music!! If you choose to call it music I call it disrespectful to everyone But that's just me Ha ha ha 3 Like Reply 7h I have wondered about the same thing I1 Like Replv 7h Write a comment GIF LL nasty crude rap music!! Meme

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