1151 1 25 32 Share Award Reply TVote theatxrunner 36m Yea $10 per person AND DOG is insane Vote krallfish 2h Honest question - how is this being enforced? ReplyVote honyock 2h To clarity T hey don't have any control over the actual river only the land adjacent to it which is just another giant planned community for richies with all the attendant rules & regs one would expect It's like they're raising fees for the golf course except rather than a golf course it's suburban nature trails Edit And to answer your question - Probably enforced by a chirpy retired tech executive in bermuda shorts and a dress shirt driving a golf cart krallfish 1h l've been out there a handful of times and I just can't really imagine how they will enforce this other than towing vehicles but the pass doesn't seem to be parking related Is there a manned kiosk? If not seems like it's more of an honors system sort of thing Vote boyscoutcookees 1h I believe they intend to have a guy out there with a chip reader theatxrunner3m Meme

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