11 78% 2303 Tweet Scott MacFarlane @MacFarlaneNews TRUMP GOLF COURSE BREAKING RULES Loudoun County Virginia issues violations against Trump National Golf Course for improper removal of trees ooun County Issues Notice of Violation for Tree Removal at Goll Course Loudoun Corey has iso ed 추 Noeke of Violo tion of the comYoring ordna from a floodglain without a pormilt ce to the Trump Netio o1 Gelf Course locoted at 20391 1e es bland Boulevard i Sterling following the improper re ovol of trees On Febr ary 28 2019 Lou don Canty inspected the 8olf core property which borders the Poto nac Rive·in its Notice of Vielation the couny noted thr viclations of the Re 1 ed 1993 Loudoun C ire General Prohibition Seetion 1-103C Inpactors observed approximately 31000 square foet of land had been altered wthin the Floodplain Overlay District FODcomm only called the majc oodglain Any man-made change to real estate in the major floodplain without first obtaining the required county approvals is a violstion FLoodplain Alterations section 4 15ONB ¡spectors cbserved developmMt on the property as defined in Siction 4-1503IGI that includes majoe floodplain resing in an alteration to the cheracteristics of the majcr floodplain This development without first obtaining the required county approval of s Declaration of No Impact to Floodplain or Floocplain Aleoration is a violation cutteremo al andelearing of trees located within the · Tweet your reply Give it up lads! Its over they've got him Meme

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