11 Sprint wi-Fi 1104 PM * 53% rJokes uSuperSeagullo1 4 8h I caught a really bad case of the flu in Madrid Long Funny Whilst sniffling and coughing and rolling around in the hotel bed I realised I needed medical attention so I called the concierge to get help Oh so you're sick! came the reply Not a problem we'll send our very own hotel doctor up to your room right away! The doctor strolled into the room within seconds and whilst I stuttered and tried to comprehend the situation he gave me some medicine to ease the symptoms When I finally stammered out h how does the hotel have their own doctor on call? he simply shook his head and cracked a smile and replied Nobody expects the Spanish inn physician ζœƒ92k 135 1 Share BEST COMMENTS β–Ό Add a comment Meme

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