111 84% Sunny Today 103 AM l don't usually share orange drinks but today I'd give Sunny D Today 1043 AM i matched with you on accident Today 1141 AM My parents also said I was an accident but that never stopped me from disappointing them jeez Today 1202 PM One time my infirm grandpa in his 90s shat himself in his wheelchair while we were at a restaurant The restaurant staff were the ones to discover it and they started handing him napkins awkwardly to clean up and he was actually howling with laughter the whole time like it was the funniest experience of his life He was a little crazy in the end but the moral of the story is that even though accidents are unplanned you can still enjoy sitting on them you are something else idek why im replying to this It's curiosity You secretly wanna know how bad it can get And welcome the shitshow because it never ends here I asked my meteorologist what the weather would be like and who Tl hook up with and he said there's a 70% chance it'll be sunny in the afternoorn and a 70% chance it'll be sunny in the afternoon oh my good When she says she only matched with you by accident Meme

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