11345 0 100 Show Help TECH GOOGLE LOSES OUT Aug 10 Fortnite Battle Royale's launch on Android offers the game directly on Epic Games' website bypassing Google Play and causing Google to lose $50 million in platform fees Fortnite Battle Royale launched on Android bypassing Google Play and allowing access to the game directly from Epic Game’s own website This decision will cost Google around $50 million in what they could have gained in platform fees as most apps and games run on Google Play According to app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower Fortnite has provided Apple more than $54 million from their 30 percent cut of all the in-app spending ___ Google’s app platform allows for other ways to download apps unlike Apple devices that require downloads from its own storefront Android devices can download apps and games from anywhere on the web but doing so can expose a device to security risks malware infections and other malicious attacks ___ Security researchers worry that encouraging downloads of Fortnite through Epic Games’ website could put many devices at risk of downloading fake versions of the game and other device vulnerability Meme

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