1207 54% E #dnd wW ICguIN 1S UVUnuviC Ju vu JlII TUVC CITvugii piu yui let me know how this all works for you scheduling has been a Whole thing so i think we're gonna take a break and move the next session to next week so i can catch up on writing since i'll have a better idea of what characters are in the campaign Vape Worm Today at 1006 AM yee ok më dwærvën brew händ chürnëd Today at 1059 AM sapphosomniac Today at 1142 AM aight! that works ill probably be able to get my chore stuff done easier WAIT SHIT uh i forgot im going to australia on the 22-26 which is next week Vape Worm Today at 1148 AM grhdhvddjdvdhb Fungeon Bastard Today at 1206 PM hits meth pipe ok so here's what we're gonna do Message DM's note If anybody has Ever doubted scheduling conflicts like I have let it be known that I was a fool And you are too Meme

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