1227 LTE JustBored696 we stm couIU make d relalionSnip VisualConstruction 1213 AM okay want me to say it? because i'll say it 1213 AM and if its serious i can come to the states yes say it VisualConstruction 1213 AM oh fuck no okay do not ever do that for someone first of all and second YOU ARE SERIOUSLY BORING TO TALK TO i'm sorry if i offended you but you're blowing up my phone AZ19 AM yeah okey i just tried my best im sorry for bothering you didnt even had the chance to get a look @ you ah yes iam boring but all i wanted from the beginning was some sexting and nudes Message JustBored696 u this guy messaged me three times a day even though i expressed i wasn’t interested on the rare occasion i replied it was literally the most boring convo ever not sure if it fits this sub Meme

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