1231 Analise Tuesday 1155 PM The picture of you in the beach is like an episode of SpongeBob because you got Sandy Cheeks next to your Bikin Bottom Today 1220 AM Hahahahahahaha honestly you're not the only one that has said that now Oh man T really thought I was being original with that one! I really tried hard to Analise* each picture looking for a good purn Siri says my name as analyze - Could be worse better than if it pronounced it as anal-ise That's true but everyone calls me anal so I already have to hear it all day everyday GIF Type a message Analise Is it because you're very neat and organized? Yes that is most definitely it Am I catching a hint of sarcasm? Maybe maybe not Well if it is then you should know the call me SpongeBob because I do the tongue war cry whenever l play with Sandy Cheeks Okay honestly that was a really good one proud of you GIF ype a message Sandy Cheeks Meme

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