1239 LTE ll LTE 1203 All Inboxes Erin You can only watch one sport the rest of your life which sport do you choose? bumble Little person parkour K I don't really watch sports that much realistically I think something like gymnastics or something with extreme choreography I could never do would be interesting Your profile has been moderated Bumble is a safe place to meet people and we expect all of our users to treat each other with kindness and respect in the Hive We've received reports about your So you use the term little person? Thinking that puts forth a good first impression? engagement in our community and ask that you refrain from sending messages that may be seen as rude offensive or abusive to others If this happens again Not really I was just trying to think of the worst possible answer to give I think I came pretty close your account will be blocked For more information please refer to our Community Guidelines In terms of giving the impression that you are immature and rude? Absolutely Spot on Have a good day Get it on Download on the You too! Google Play App Store Delivered I think she was a “little” offended at my sense of humor Meme

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