12 Chiropractor's Dath will observe and practice every acknolmledged of professianal conduct in relation with mu professian patient my colleague and muself 3 will keep an open mind regarding the pragres my profession provided that this progression shall confined iwithin the boundaries of the Chirapractic Scien Philosophy and Art 3 nill serve my patients to the best of mu abil violating neither their confidence nor their diguity and my association with patients I shall not violate that inhi is moral and right shall regard and refer to my fellofn Chirapract fvith honor giving credit fuhere it is due 3 shall improve my knotuledge and skill firm in m resolution to justify the responsibility fuhich the degre Doctor of Chirapractic sumbolizcs and imposcs To all this pledge muself knowing these idcals arc prescribed by the dictates of Reason alone 146 6 Saw this at a chiropractor today Meme

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