128 WORDS VERY TO USE INSTEAD OF Don't say very accurate furious exasperating very calm very careful very cheap serene cautious very annoying very bad very beautiful in gorgeous massive obvious freezing vibrant very colorful very bright luminousvery competitive cutthroat swamped ve complete comprehensive Say exact very confused very creative very crowded very dangerous very dear very deep very difficult arduous perplexed innovative very dirty bustling perilous cherished Don't say very cute very dull very easy tedious effortless ry depressed despondent very excited thrilled meticulous very exciting exhilarating adorable very different disparate very expensive costly very fast very happy ecstatic difficult amiable very friendly very frightened alarmed ery heavy very frightening terrifying very high very hard-to-find rare hilarious very overjoyedvery huge excellent very hungry terrific sweltering colossal starving battered Say swift very good very great very important crucial very intelligent brilliant very interesting captivating very necessary essential very mean Don't say very loud slovenly large apprehensive very nervous very nice very noisy indolent in deafening frequently ancient very long-term very loose extensive very often enduringvery old Sa thunderous very old-fashioned archaic Don't sa very slow transparent excruciating very rich very rainy wealthy very painful very pale very perfect destitute compelling beautiful very scared very scary very serious petrified chilling grave keen gleaming very powerful very pretty sluggish us rie very unhappy miserable basic skeletal petite certain thoughtful gifted distraught very sure very sweet very talented very tall very skinny very warm very weak very well-to-do very smart very smelly pungent very tastydelicious very wet very smooth sleek wealthy expansive blustery very thirsty constricting very willing minuscule apologetic very ti very wind very specia exceptional very tired very strong hideous very worried Meme

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