12m Jack mull Follow @J4CKMULL We really are killing our planet AmaZonia Amazonia 2019 2009 Gran Barrera 2009 an Barrera 2019 Actico ICO Ártico Grainne @LeonardGrainne WHY the fuck were we all scared of a rumor that the World was gonna end in 2012 but do not care at all when it is confirmed to end in 30 years?? Jack mull@J4CKMULL We really are killing our planet Show this thread 1251 PM 25 Feb 2019 115862 Retweets 242832 Likes moretothepicturethanmeetstheeye blackqueerblogIt gives me the worst anxiety sometimes I even get small panic attacks thinking of it I hate it But at the same time I’m part of the problem “The world goes through rapid periods of change” my fucking ass The GBR has undergone so much depletion coral bleaching etc that entire banks are GONE in the name of fossil fuels FUCKIN TRASH It’s depressing that we simply don’t give a fuck and we won’t til it’s too late Options are not accessible as they should be the government is about greed and ease and thwarts any changes to the fucked up unsustainable status quo and in the end all these natural beauties will suffer 😢 Meme

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