1318 f 0LTE Posts Jun 10 at 1145 So this morning McDonalds was not expecting me I asked for two sausage cheese biscuitsfirst round they had no cheese so I got it fixed second round they had no sausagesso I GOT IT FIXED then only ONE had sausage I went back in and stood in line ya knowquietlymy turn came upI stared right in his face opened my goopy cheese biscuit and smeared IT all on the countertop then threw and stuck one side to the menu I said have a mcwonderful day then went homethat was absolutely retarded how in the hell do you not put sausage on a sausage cheese biscuit and just mound up cheese insteadwe'll I hope he has fun cleaning his cheesy ass menu Like Comment Man you showed that cashier who wasn't involved in the sandwich making process who was boss Reply Like 15w Write a comment GIF LL Have a mcwonderful day! Meme

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