1318 f Thursday 2144 If you were a lamp and I was a moth l'd smash you all night long If you were a moth l'd squish you with a newspaper Fuck yeah Could you light it on fire first? Yes daddy Just put a piece of glass between us and I'll try break through just to flicksr around you Moth daddy yassss So is this the one time in history where the lamp and moth get satisfied? Yeah it's tragic Once in a moth lifetime That's That's quite often light your bulb baby I'm flying over Jesus Hey wait a minute Lamps don't take the lord's name in vein! Your not a true lamp are you!?! Thursday 2226 Meh I'm an expensive lamp I do what l want Thursday 2244 A posh city lamp meeting a poor country moth? Could there be a better love story? I need a rich moth fml Typical lamp going through moth after moth after moth with no regards to how confused you make us! Don't you have any wiring around your heart? Are your feelings not plugged in? The only reason I'm stuck on this app is because the icon is a goddamn flame! Damn okay that was funny Type a message Moth Memes have been incorporated in my tinder chats Meme

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