13 hrs S Any one with a smart meter in there house needs to read this weve had smart meters now for over a year all been feeling like shit sinse theyve been put in head aches most of the time so after having 2 weeks off work over christmas and not leaving the house much iv felt rotten but sinse been back at work and out the house iv felt fine now iv seen enough information about the 5G smart meters that most of us have installed in our homes now and the dangers of having them here is just a short list how dangerous they are i decided to buy a electromagnetic radiation meter as this is what pumps out of them 247 365 days a year this is definatly the reason why we always feel like shit and this needs to be ripped out of my house regardless now iv checked it the meter is telling me that this is harmful here is just a short list of some of the dangers of smart meters in the home Lukemia in children Cancer Destroys DNA cells Sleep problems insomnia difficulty falling asleep night waking nightmares Stress agitation anxiety irritability Headaches sharp pain or pressure in the head Ringing in the ears ear pain high pitched ringing Meme

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