1312 INDAWAS Island Overlook Sven's Bluff Adventure Little Strawberry Jack and Pirate with Chambers Island on the horizon What if the 1909 Wisconsin Legislature had not identified this land as most worthy of preservation? This spectacular view like others in Peninsula State Park would be accessible to just a few Instead you can look northwest and see the chain of Strawberry Islands skip across Green Bay waters You can set eyes on Chambers Island and imagine the passing of dug-out canoes and later steamships You can see the sister cities of Marinette Wisconsin and Menominee Michigan fourteen ss Green Bay Charles A Kinney from Winnetka Illinois directed a boys camp on Adventure Island the largest of the Strawberry Island chain Circa 1930 Since the late 1990s ravens have nested in rocky crevices along Sven's Bluff This is an historic return to Peninsula's Niagara Escarpment Ravens are the world's largest songbird fabled by the First Nations of Western Canada to have created the world Celtic tradition considers the bird a messenger between the living and the dead French explorer Jean Nicolet paddled past here in 1634 The year represents the beginning of cultural upheavel for Wisconsin Native Nations From 1915 to 1947 a fire watch- tower loomed on this bluff A buddy and I went hiking and found this Meme

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