13moremade when i was in 3rd grade there was this girl named sydney who was really nice but everyone thought she was weird cause she was obsessed with horses and were kinda mean to her but anyways she let me borrow her aragon books an i could only read like 5 pages of that shit cause it was so boring and she was like i know you didnt read my aragon book i mirror watched you last night and since then ive been absolutely fucking terrified 13mo same year we had a zoo field trip she and her mom offered to take me so i felt like I had to repay her so i stole a fuck ton of snacks from everyones lunches while they were feeding the elephants then i asked her mom if we could eat in the canopy zone away from everyone else and i gave them all the snacks & her mom was like are you a mischievous spirit that my daughter has befriended?? i was like no im a third grader right after that they moved i think its my fault #mum approved a typical horse girl Meme

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