1444 rgameofthrones 22m subscribers O Spoiler SPOILERS Dany's hair Posted by uwesleydt S 6h Spoilers Game of Thrones TV had better be a flippin mess from here on We all know it was Missandei's main job If Dany's going out like the Mad King she should look the part with a natty bedhead more fitting of a medieval world ShareAward 237 436k BEST COMMENTS ▼ bad__pussy 4h People did comment that he her hair looked messed from the small clip they showed for next episode It does make sense that she loses her braids at it does also symbolizes her power in a way 1st ep of season 1 she didn't have braids and started getting it once she became Khaleesi Loses it all again in early season 2 since she loses most of her Khalisar and then her hair gets more and more elaborate as the season progresses With half her forces gone her braid is less elaborate I can only imagine how her hair will look Messy hair will also make her look closer to her father Reply 819 AgentOrcish Tyrion Lannister 4h Add a comment Good to see where rgameofthrones priorities lie Meme

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