$14 Candy Decorations estumes y It1s 497 LLOWEEN bogleech Whether you like Freddys or not this is something pretty fucking awesome right here If I said when I was a kid I want to make my own video game all by myself and there'll be toys and Halloween costumes and lunchboxes at Wal-Mart!!! someone would have explained to me that it doesn't work that way that games are products made by huge teams working for huge companies One person doesn't just make a game and be successful! That's silly! snaxattacks I'm so proud of Scott Guy was working at Dollar Tree and near suicidal and felt like he was worthless like God had literally turned his back on him and he finally got his big break That's a Cinderella story if I've ever seen one Reminder that FNAF AR is coming out for free December 3 Meme

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