14femaleFloridacis sorrywhitesorry She's fourteen and she already feels like shit for being born white and cis Fuck tumblr this makes me sad more than anything The fact that people feel guilty for existing is sad oh poor white cis people grow the fuck up this site is one of the only places where minorities can vent and stupid cis people are offended just stop No here's the fucking thing This site isn't for one group of people It's a fucking blogging site For EVERYONE You tell people not to be ashamed of what they fucking are but only of its what you want? That's pretty fucking disgusting If you want equality you don't preach hate because hate breeds more hate That 14 year old isn't your oppressor She has done nothing wrong to be forced to hate herself and to hate what she was born in Grow the fuck up SOMEONE FINALLY FUCKING SAID IT!!!! FINALLY THANK YOU The Good People of Tumblr stepping up Meme

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