14 year olds nowadays vs me when l was 14 Life the-party-pineapple larpsandtherealgirl criticalanalytical this is what the rise of pedophile culture looks like–little girls are being indoctrinated into beauty rituals at earlier and earlier ages to feed the misogynistic pedophilic male gaze this is what the intersection of capitalism and misogyny looks like–fashion and beauty products are being marketed to females no matter their age as long as is generates profit and feeds the male gaze this is what porn culture looks like–due in part to the widespread availability of porn females are considered sexual objects before they are considered human beings and so no matter what a female must always be sexually available and presentable to men ^Exactly Please when you see young girls who look like this remember not to blame the literal children for their own oppression They’re just trying to “fit in” and be accepted by their peers Blame the fucking adults who sell them this image and profit from it Thank you for explaining what bothered me about children looking like that I could never quite put my finger on it Meme

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