1554 oo EE 4G Barrie Deick added 2 new photos 6 mins To anyone that gives a fuck about Kirsty Reid she's just been left here no that I need to explain myself but she launched the wee mans sudocream at my head then set in about me while I was in the middle of changing him if me or any man done that to a woman we'd be labels beasts and jailed but nae doubt Ill be all the arseholes for jumping in the car with the wee man and leaving her there so any her friends or family will find her here no interested on people's opinions so dinna bother commenting just wrote this so someone goes and gets her cause I'm nearly back in Dundee and l'll certainly no be back just gave my last fuck writing this 1 27% Service 1 27% Service t William 1645 1645 ETry Home Try Home Crieff Cehgoilhead Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Stirling Greenock Gl Glasgow Loch Goll Launched the wee mans sudocream at my head Meme

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