155k 56k Share 96 more replies uGabranth 58m Guys browsing this thread your mileage will vary women don't all hold one unified opinion any more than men all do Some of us like big old muscled dudes some of us like chubsters Some of us like a shiny bald head and smooth face others like scruffy beards Some of us like confident alpha dogs others like shy kind-hearted saps Some have no interest in your vidya games and custom built rigs some of us want to talk all night about Super Metroid speedrun strats and the newest GPUs S Keep looking 'til you find someone who appreciates you for who you are Vote Reply uzOsyn 36m Wholesome af Vote 8 more replies umad_bad_dangerous 24m <p>Found in an raskreddit post entitled &ldquoGirls what isn&rsquot nearly as hotattractive as many guys think?&rdquo<p> Meme

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