15 PM S Tell me I'm not a god again #suckmyd%$^ Get with the program You are too you are just putting your own blocks up that are making you narrow minded so you don't realize it The reason you were taught separation and why your water is poisoned with fluoride to calcity on your pineal gland is so you lose touch with your true divine nature who you are spirit source Stop drinking poison first off Get fluoride-free water & a shower house filter It was introduced to the water during the holocaust to control the masses so you're a mindless obedient slave It's still here Gas chambers are now glass chambers Showers It's just more discrete as all the horrid corruption is that people don't even know it l'm getting frustrated You weren't meant to be a slave If you stopped drinking poison and decalcified this shit you might notice and wake up I dare you to try it oolish #gotitwrong #yourheretoenjoyyourlife #knowthyself #iknowwhoiam #christco n sciousness #igetit #doyou #wakeup #iamagod #divineaf #thereisn°seperation # YOUTUBECOM HIDDEN TEACHINGS Of JESUS CHRIST On Consciousness & Man FREE financial success hypnosis recordi 3 Comments Showers are the governments way of mind control Meme

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