15 Pretty Vacant Stolen Girls and Girlhoods in Anti-Trafficking Discourses Treena Orchard INTRODUCTION In Thinking Trafficking Thinking Sex anthropologist Carole Vance 2011b argues that the new crusades against human trafficking reanimate archaic narra tives regarding women and prostitution and they do so in ways that are internally contradictory or incoherent while drawing our attention away from larger struc- tures of exploitation In the late nineteenth-early twentieth centuries the term trafficking' meant the prostitution of women and girls and being predicated upon the exchange of money for sex outside marriage it was deemed a criminal violation Ditmore 2012 Trafficking is no longer seen strictly as a moral offence against society through prostitution but also as harm to an individual exploitation This encompassing vision of trafficking extends to women and girls who have systems choose to trade sex for money to survive and even those deemed at risk' for any of these situations Cojocaru 2016 Dewey 2008 Montgomery of modern' moralities committed through various forms of violence and socio-economic been sexually exploited 2011 o' Connell Davidson 2015 Weitzer 2007 Zimmerman 2013 With the ballooning definition of trafficking comes an equally diverse spec trum of 'victimhood' which could include any woman or girl given the associa- tion between being at risk of sexual violence or coercion and being a trafficking victim This conflation between gender inequity and trafficking ignores the fact that these risks stem from living in a society that demeans and eroticizes women and girls It also excludes other groups such as LGBTQ youth who are over- represented in sexual trafficking systems and survival sex work Lutnick 2016 Mitchell 2016 thus revealing the heteronormative nature of contemporary Mental gymnastics on full display at my local university- author has problem with cracking down on trafficking Meme

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