1741 A CONCEALED CARRY WINS AGAIN! Newly-released video attached from inside the George Webb restaurant at S 21st and W Mitchell St shows an adult male go behind the counter to approach and punch a female managerwaitress in the face Alderman Bob Donovan who obtained the video footage yesterday said the incident took place last week He said he hopes the public can help the Milwaukee Police Department locate the suspect as soon as possible “It is sickening to see this unsuspecting worker assaulted so brutally by this individual” said Alderman Donovan chair of the Public Safety and Health Committee Alderman Donovan said MPD is actively seeking a known individual but also welcomes additional information from the community that might help the case “It was an unprovoked attack and I am asking anyone with information to please contact MPD immediately at 414-935-7360 so we can get him off the street and behind bars where he belongs” he said The video shows a George Webb co-worker pointing a firearm at the suspect to get him away from the victim Alderman Donovan said the co-worker – who he was told has a concealed carry permit for the firearm – was successful in getting the suspect to leave the premises “One can only imagine what might have occurred if that employee had not pulled out her weapon” the alderman said “Sadly I’m told the co-worker quit her job shortly after the incident” “And can you really blame her for quitting? This is just sickening and I am tired of this crap happening in my district and in too many other neighborhoods across Milwaukee” he said Alderman Donovan said the victim is facing thousands of dollars in medical bills to treat her injuries and does not have insurance “This woman is struggling to just eek out a living and has this idiot attack her for no reason” he said “I am told the attacker has an extensive criminal record – surprise surprise – another glaring indictment of our criminal justice system!” Alderman Donovan said “A person capable of this brutality is a threat to each and every one of us and needs to be behind bars” he said “Wake up Milwaukee wake up!” he said Meme

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