17% of people with employer coverage say they had to make a difficult sacrifice in the past year to pay health care and insurance costs Here are the sacrifices some of them described I was homeless for 4 months to pay bills Allowing my health to deteriorate because it's too expensive to keep up with the cost of care I had to work 3 jobs at once 1 full time and 2 part time jobs Working from 430AM until 11PM I had to let my child remain ill for longer than I was comfortable with because I couldn't afford the $10 co-pay for her to see her pediatrician We pay all our bills late and several have gone Me not eating so my kids can to collections KFF SOURCE KFFLA Times Survey of Adults with Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Sept 25-Oct 9 2018 See topline for full question wording HENRY J KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION Even of you have health insurance from job Meme

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