17 years ago my daughter was born She has special needs Those were the first words uttered from the doctor's mouth I was a 23 year old dad and had no clue what special needs meant What I soon found out was that it meant having a daughter who sees the world through a different lens a lens that shows her the good in everyone It's a lens that shows her how to laugh and how to love unconditionally This lens doesn't show her the struggles that are in front of her but instead a world of possibilities Today my little girl with #specialneeds graduated High School with 790 classmates She's never accepted no for an answer and she's never once complained about life's unfairness or her challenges Instead she gets up smiles and takes it all in stride Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles She fights to move forward every single day and so can you Found this on my friends Insta page Meme

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