179! 179! deviousdiggy lenacorp i love Legally Blonde so much all of the women are so supportive of each other im?? when Elle was supposed to get engaged none of the girls were jealous they were genuinely happy for her n helped her get ready for the big dinner when her bf broke up with her they were supportive when Elle says she wants to go to harvard the counselor lady is like but ur major is fashion do u have any backup plan? n elle is like nope im going to harvard n the lady is like okay then here’s what u gotta do her friends didnt get why she wanted to go to law school but supported her anyway and helped her study when she got 179 on her exam more than her goal they treated her like a queen and that’s only in the first 18 minutes of the movie Legally Blonde is a “girl power” movie with killer inspirational and positive attitude disguised as a stereotypical blonde movie Meme

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