1846 feeling blessed is April 17 at 1801 The greatest thing happened to me today I met my dogs brother!! I was walking back from the bus today when I saw a dog that was a spitting image of Miley I stopped the lady and asked what breed her dog was and she said he was a dachshund Jack Russell mixI told her my dog was the same breed She then told me he turned 10 on March 2nd which was Miley's birthday and she would have been 10 Then I asked the lady if there was any chance she got Jack from Pennsylvania and she told me she got him from PA which is where we got our dog! I spent a few minutes petting Jack and his mom told me how her and her husband moved to Ireland a few years ago How crazy is it that over 3000 miles away from home I met Miley's brother? On my 10th birthday Miley came into my life and 3 days before my 20th birthday I met Jack her brother What an incredible experience Like Comment and 122 others When you build up a whole sob story just to slyly remind everyone it is your birthday a few sentences later Meme

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