18 my guy Today at 1157 AM I'm 20 I know one of your tags is not looking But if someone came looking for you would you be against it Like safe for examples some person Thought you were pretty and asked you out on a date Would you say no would you consider it would you say no Ionly met you on the Internet And I don't do long distance dating even though you seem like a really nice guy and you're only two years older than me you're still someone I met on the internet and I only met you today maybe ask me when you know me better and if you're closer To where I live edited Today at 1206 PM Ooh firstly probably not since I don't date online and I'm a girl hahah I am flattered though Sorry Today at 1206 PM It was just a hypothetical question I still think you're pretty and I still want to get to know you Today at 1207 PM If probably say yes to the date if I knew the person a little better I'm always a bit awkward when meeting someone for the first time Today at 1207 PM Well it's kind of easy to not be awkward if you're not looking the person in the eyes Within three minutes of meeting someone they look judge you just by how you How you stand and how you talk edited Today at 1208 PM Correct but not looking the person in the eyes for me at least is rude ahh Today at 1208 PM That's why it's kind of easy to not be awkward online Today at 1208 PM Exactly Today at 1208 PM Because one person doesn't know how you look they don't know how you stand or how you talk So it's very hard for them to judge you without knowing you Today at 1214 PM Yeah I agree with that Today at 1214 PM So Before I ask any questions I just have a couple rules I want to put out there Rule number one If you ask a question you have to be prepared to answer the same question or a close variation Rule number two the questions can get as personal and deep as you want to ask Rule number three you always have the right to plead the fifth Refer to notes Note number 1 for example if you were to ask how fit is my chest I could ask what's your cup size Note number two actually this rule is quite straightforward Today at 1216 PM That's understandable yeee Today at 1216 PM Note number three if you ask a question you have to answer The question that comes back but if I ask you don't have to answer Today at 1220 PM Okay Today at 1221 PM Oh also I'm in open book so ask me whatever you want Joined new server This happened within the first half an hour of talking Maaaajor yikes Meme

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