1818 Morningside Ave Pittsburgin thebulldogpubcom House Pies Suspets Pick your side Lower East Side 14 Alfredo Base SpinArt Dip Fresh Mozz Diced Tomato add Chicken +2 ntialS cks 8 cks 6 Substitute Bob Marley Extra Crispy 16 1000 Island Base Ground Meat House Cheese Blend Yellow Cheddar Diced White Onion Diced Pickles Shredded Lettuce Garnish Parmesan+ lanks 6 rs Wh Aged White Ch GlazeT Whirly Bird Pulled Chicken Wings House Cheese Blend Joe Sco' Special 15 Swiss Saut Pito request us 75 But Th Pickled Hot Sausage TomatoPepper Medley Ricotta Basil McNutts 16 Gyro Meat House Cheese Blend Feta House M Red Roasted Peppers Marinated Artichokes Pickted Onions Shredded Letuce Garnish Johnny Tsunami Rum Ham! 16 Hugh Honey Base Ham Pineapple Jalapenos Pickled Onions House Blend Yellow Cheddar an Dip 7 Pepperjack Addition +5 Saln oause Mama Said So Dressing ade Marinara or Chefis Vodka Sauce Mustard Pasta Dinner 12 Ziti Parmesan Parsley add Sausage +35 add Meatballs +35 Sammitches nd Gcld hirly Bird Garlic Parm Seryed with Small Salad and Garlic Bread* Cuc Shredd Roman Pick your side Fries Slaw Sweet Fries +1 Small Salad +2 Substitute Gluten Free Bun +150* Shre Louis XIV 13 A Sandwich Deemed for Royalty Shaved Royal Round Sharp Provolone Pale Ae Onion Butter Au Jus Spri Found this on the menu last night Meme

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