1908 f Okay so propaganda has already taken over and the news and media blackout isn't helping the sanitization and colorization that western media has already fallen victim to so l'm just gonna give you the breakdown asl know it 0546 Protests started a week ago after 2 kids got run over and killed by a bus Protests were peaceful with most kids ages 10-18 taking over the jobs that cops are supposed to be doing instead of taking bribes and scratching their asses 0547 At first they led to runaway traffic but over 2-3 days they established a radical improvements in traffic control and safety clearing up the roads that were previously horrendously chaotic Not a single civilian had a complaint No uproars no violence nothing Probably the best civil movement in the history of this country all by children 0548 The blame for the prevailing lack of safety and order was rightfully placed on a senion government official - one of the most corrupt and evil of the bunch the shipping minister He fueled the civilian's outrage by citing accidents irn neighboring countries and sidestepped the issue quite shamelessly 0550 Civilians called for his discharge and students demanded traffic system reforms to ensure safety and alleviation of chaos 0551 And that's when things started going South 0551 Message 1908 f And that's when things started going South 05-51 The government tasked the BCL - their student activist wing - withreasoning with these kids Now these BCL animals are well known terrorists with a track record of violence rape torture vandalism etc etc dating back almost three decades 0553 They reasoned with the kids alright By shooting at them and striking them with machetes and metal bars All while being protected by the police - who themselves shot at the kids with beanbags and choked them with teargas grenades 0554 Reports are all over the place It didn't take long for the government to have the cell providers shut down all mobile internet services so photoS and videos are few and far between Facebook is the most popular social media platform but it's heavily monitored and censored 0555 Several nundred children and young adults hospitalized - some in critical condition some requiring amputations most severely injured Several children are still missing 0556 Eyewitness accounts without sufficient evidence but I wouldn't put it past these BCL animals 3 school boys were murdered on the spot with guns and machetes Four school girls were abducted and gang raped 0558 One boy had his eyes gouged out in front of Message 1908 f One boy had his eyes gouged out in front of hundreds of other children Some evidence present 0558 Several women including a reporter have been molested and abused by BCL pigs Confirmed and evidenced 0558 Reporters at the scenes were brútally beaten had their equipment destroyed and threatened with death 0559 The government run hospitals have refused admission to students of any kind some have completely shut down Some privately-run hospitals are struggling with the influx of injuries and deaths but they re being forced by the government to deny treatment 0600 Med students and interns in one private hospital have taken to the streets in protest for not being allowed to treat children in dire situations because of orders from higher-up 0601 Last night police raided a large residential area which houses families as well as students of the neighboring private universities - the police were formed in their usual riot configuration but only this time hundreds of BCL thugs were lined up behind them 0602 No reports from the situation there yet 0602 and that's all I got so fa 02 Message 1909 f Beating children to death and disability - direct violation of basic human rights and international law 1506 This shit is fucked 1506 All being executed by the government and law enforcement I think they're raiding homes tonight They did last night in one small region But it 1506 1506 might go city wide tonight I've been hearing stuff Go on twitter Look up #WeWantJustice We are begging the rest of the world to spread 1507 1507 1508 1508 the message images videos everything 1508 l he media blackout here has silenced any online presence the real situation has 1508 No one knows what's actually happening Not even ourselves 1509 Message Serious This is happening RIGHT NOW in Bangladesh Meme

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